How to Stay Positive Through Tough Times

Sometimes my mood and mental health takes a worrying decline. It can’t really be helped, I just have to pull myself up and try to carry on with the journey that is life.

In this post I am going to talk about mental health, before I start I do NOT want to offend any of you, I want you to understand that there is a purpose of powering through the hard times.

When I was younger and used to go through dark times, I was very quick to sit and accept that I was ‘broken’ and would ‘never be happy again’ but it’s not the truth. Through the turmoil in my life I have been able to find strength to see the good parts to everybody situation. I have the ability to now walk away from situations, stop helping people that don’t want me or my help, and I’m putting myself first.

The tips I’m going to list of how I deal with tough times is of personal taste. These tips work for me when I am feeling very low after a fall out with my friend, a breakup, a tough week at work, bad news or just a spout of depression.

  • I cry – Sometimes crying it out really helps me, instead of having that anger and pent up emotion. I cry it out as it’s not really a harmful expression.
  • I focus on other relationships – If I’m down because of a certain friendship or relationship going a little off track, I put all my energy into someone else that I care about. Putting energy into people in my life that don’t seem to care just makes everything worse, obviously.
  • I listen to music – Some music taste I have can bring me down so I obviously avoid that at all costs but I try to listen to the songs that give me some sort of strength and boosts my energy.
  • Go for a walk or run – Sometimes I go walking, put my headphones in, take in my surroundings and take a deep breath. If I’m very stressed or upset I will run, run for miles, feel the fresh air hitting my face. Everything feels calmer afterwards.
  • Watch Youtube –  I take to youtube and watch content creators that make me laugh. Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Michael Finch, Makeupbyjaack.
  • Throw myself into other activities – Throwing myself into hobbies, reading, blogging, it all helps me distract myself.
  • Journal –  Journaling really helps me, it’s a book that doesn’t judge me.
  • Go out, do activities – Go out into town, the cinema, to a library, picnic with friends or family, go out for dinner, do something that pulls you away from the negative hole.

I hope some of you can take advice from this, if ever you are struggling please talk to a professional. It will get better and I hope you’re all given strength. Sending out love – Beth 🙂 x

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