Birchbox Review – June Edition

A random selection of beauty products for £10? Yes please. I saw an ad over on my main platform of Instagram advertising 2 beauty boxes for £10 from Birchbox UK, I immediately clicked the link and bought them.

What’s the harm in trying new products and brands? The total price was £12.95, the £2.95 was for postage through Hermes.

After placing my order for the June box I waited excitedly to receive my packages. 6 Days later I received a dispatch email, then 7 days later it finally came.

Products I received – June Box.

Ella Eden Eyeshadow, RRP £12.99


Benefit Porefessional Pearl Primer, RRP £27.50

Porefessional blog

Balance Me Face Wash – RRP £16

balance me blog

Number 4 Smoothing Balm –  RRP £24.50

number 4 blog

Polaar Sun Fluid –  RRP £25

Polaar blog

Whittard Tea Bags

whittard blog

As I used the code MINE which enabled 2 boxes for £10, the second box was a mystery one and it definitely topped my expectations! This “mystery” box included brands like Benefit once again and I was surprised that they even threw in a Glamglow mask! Wow!

Pros – Some of the brands I have heard of before, of course, those being Benefit, Whittard and Balance Me. Other brands that came in this box I have never heard of but it’s exciting to try new things, most of the time anyway.  It’s great that it includes multi-purpose items for hair, face and body. For £10 I don’t think you can moan, a Benefit tester

Cons – Paying £2.95 for postage and then it taking a week to arrive was a little ridiculous, I have paid £1 more for Argos to deliver something to me on the same day. That’s only the real con I can throw out there. The product selection comes across as though it’s aimed at women 20+, also the aesthetic of the box seems a little more dated than what I would be drawn towards as a 20-year-old woman. Some of the samples are tiny like super tiny, but I guess that takes me back to my point of it was only £10 so don’t expect huge sizes of products.

Would I repurchase? – I’m stuck between whether I should or not, I want more makeup based items instead of hair care or tea bags. I might give it another try as it was only £10. I think the box is really good value if you’re unsure of what you want to try out or unsure of what to get someone as a gift. I may stay on the subscription for the July box to give it another go, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

Find Birchbox @

(Disclaimer: I have to disclose that I have not been paid to make this review or been approached. I reviewed the box solely to see if sub boxes were worth it)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Take care – Beth.



6 thoughts on “Birchbox Review – June Edition

  1. I’m on the fence about trying birch box or any kind of beauty sub box, i think they’re good to try out new products and i do think they’re worth the price but everytime i read peoples reviews, theres at least 1 product i think i wouldnt use/like so in that sense i dont think theyre 100% worth it!

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    1. Yeah I’m on the fence still, like I was really pleased when I found benefit and glamglow in there but it kinda felt a little anti climax if that makes sense when I saw the other products. I’m gonna try Glossybox next and review that, they do a lot more mainstream brands x

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