Skincare Saviours

More recently I’ve become very focused on getting my skin to a level where I would be confident enough to wear a BB cream instead of foundation or maybe even no foundation! My skin is getting there, it of course still has it’s ups and downs. Like any human being, when I’m stressed or hormonal it does start to look a little rough around the edges but that’s perfectly normal.

My skin type has always been acne prone, red and oily. Makeup slips extremely easily off of my face when I don’t wear powder as I have a lot of oil, but changes in my diet have decreased this and also the products I used. When I was a child and teenager I suffered extremely bad with acne! Luckily it’s calmed down but as I mentioned previously it can flare up at time to time. It has taken me many attempts and cost a lot of money for me to find products that I like and don’t aggravate my skin.


Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment (£42 full size)

This mask is up there with expensive products, I thought after these had been heavily promoted by Instagrammers and YouTubers that they may be overhyped and I do partially agree. In the past, I tried the Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment by Glamglow and it was awful! The smell and feel, the smell would make me gag upon application, the only reason I bought it was to obviously see what the hype was about but I also felt forced to buy it by the counter worker at Boots. I received this mask in a Birchbox, if you have seen my review you’ll know that this was the only decent product they threw in there. This mask seems to be helping my breakouts and pores which is fantastic! Would recommend you to try it, buy the sample size first so you won’t waste too much money if it doesn’t work out great! You can get the sample (15g) from Debenhams for £16.

Biovene Bubble Mask 

I was raiding Tkmaxx last week and came across this bubble mask, it was the bubble property that attracted me to it. I’d seen similar masks on the market from Elf and Skin Republic. Once I washed this off my pores looked tighter, also my skin looked clearer and the blemishes I had looked smaller. It did leave my skin with a dewy finish as well. Find this in Tkmaxx stores for £4.99, I do believe it’s subject to availability in their stores.

Being by Sanctuary Spa coconut mask 

When the colder months were upon me earlier this year, my skin had dried out incredibly! I found that moisturisers other than E45 made me break out and felt heavy and greasy. So, I decided to get a mask and see if it felt less heavy and hopefully wouldn’t break me out. This is the one for me, I haven’t used it recently as I’ve been more obsessed with my Mario Badescu spray but when it turns cold again I will go back to this mask. Find this in Boots for £7.


Tea Tree Oil 

This can be bought from anywhere, I bought mine from Asda for about £3 and when I really suffer from breakouts I dab some of this on them. It dries them out and makes them smaller, it’s really great stuff and has a good price point too.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Daily Solution 

this is a serum that has a pipette so it’s easy to distribute onto clean fingers or straight onto clean skin. When my confidence was in the gutter because I was so self-conscious about my skin, I went and bought this to try to combat the issue and it became a staple in my drawer. It’s no wonder it’s had amazing reviews! I can’t really fault The Body Shop I love their products and the staff in my local Nottingham store are so incredibly helpful to me everytime I go in! Find this from The Body Shop for £13.

The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

I like that this does not dry out my skin, the word acid can be quite frightening but this serum works pretty well for me and it’s super cheap for under £5. I was sceptical trying more stuff from this brand as I previously tried their foundation and it was terrible. This serum does dry down spots, I’ve also noticed it takes down some of my redness which is a pro to this product too. Find this at Cult Beauty for £4.20.


E45 Cream

I use this as a moisturiser as I explained earlier I find some moisturisers break me out, clog pores and feel super greasy but I love E45 because it doesn’t do any of that for me. It also stops any of my itchiness or sensitivity, I would definitely recommend to people with sensitive skin. Find this at Superdrug for £2.75.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I have spoken about this facial spray in a previous post, it’s cooling, eases my redness and helps me with breakouts. I love it to set makeup too! Another great thing is that it doesn’t have a horrible alcohol smell as to my knowledge it doesn’t contain any alcohol, don’t quote me on that one though. Find this spray at Beautybay for £11.

Check out my last post here. Comment below if you use any of these and what you think to them! If you haven’t already, check me out on social media, links below. Take care – Beth x




4 thoughts on “Skincare Saviours

    1. It is a life saver! As I said in the post I was skeptical as it’d been hyped up by gurus but its such a great product. My spots have cleared alot since using it, I’m not dry as I was and when I bake my makeup I use the spray to stop the cakiness and it works! I tried the small size first to see what it was like and now I get the biggest version they have haha xx

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