Let’s Talk: Friendships

In today post we are going to be talking about friendships, friendships in general and some of my personal experiences with them. I wish to help everyone that reads this post or give my readers some inspiration for the future if they become faced with similar situations.

In my own words, having a friend is an incredible thing. It’s someone who sees you at your best, sees you at your worst, laughs with you and loves with you. You embed on a journey together, you both experience achievements and failure, grow with each other, make each other happy and they just generally sprinkle your soul with glitter.

Friendship is a sacred thing that should be watered regularly like a flower so it can carry on blooming and stay alive. Everyone would describe the best thing about having a friend differently, for me it’s great having someone that understands me, that can actually put up with me on the bad days, love me and make me smile. The other thing I loved about having a friend as it was someone I could be 100% myself with and not care about anything they might have thought about me (appearance, personality, etc).

Friendships don’t even have to consist of going out all of the time for it to work. You don’t have to spend all of your time at each other’s houses or texting each other non-stop. I’ve found as I’ve got older I have had times where I’ve genuinely been too busy to text a friend back or see them. It’s also seemed to be quite healthy having time apart. But I feel the most beautiful thing about my friendships is that we would just sit in my car listening to music, we didn’t need to go out for a day trip or out into town to have a nice time, we just cared about each other enough to appreciate the simplest forms of spending time together.

But sometimes things might not always be so great in the dynamics of the relationship…

When I’ve sat there and thought about why certain friendships have gone wrong I acknowledged that I wasn’t a good person 100% of the time. I was moody, depressed at times, dramatic and many other things and I get why that’s been difficult for some people who have been in my life. When these friendships have broken down I’ve always been the one to push to make it ok again, but when it’s forced of course it doesn’t feel right.

If I am supposed to be reunited with these people, I guess it’ll happen. Right now I’m taking the time to work on myself before I go back into any sort of friendship, old or new. I feel as though my past actions were very self-destructive and were partly the reason things didn’t work out. The first step to moving forward is admitting you were wrong, that’s super hard for someone as stubborn as me.

I don’t think I could ever put into words how much it actually hurts to lose a friend. It might sound a little bit dramatic but for me when the person who I’d been so close with left, I felt like I was missing a limb. I saw a quote that I could resonate with and it said:

“one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, my dear, is to grieve the loss of a person who is still alive” – Anonymous.

You have to be strong when a friendship ends, take the time to find yourself and invest time into making yourself better mentally and just a better person overall. Don’t be bitter if they hurt you, trust me, it get’s you nowhere. Being bitter just makes you feel very dead inside.

What I kept having to repeat to myself was that people do change and their priorities change. Your friends or ex-friends will have people that will walk through the door into their lives and inspire them to become better or worse, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do. These things are very common and no one is really to blame. If the both of you part ways I am a firm believer that you can come together once more, in time. I know me and an old friend always did, sometimes you just need space to really realise how they touched your life.

Always appreciate your friends, they’re here one minute making you laugh and the next they could be gone. Support them through everything, even if in the end you feel as though they took you for granted, they’ll deep down never forget what you did do for them. Like I said previously, if we are meant to come back together with these people, it’ll happen.

I really hoped that you enjoyed this post, please let me know what you thought in the comments or over on my socials, it was an emotional post to write. Take care – Beth x

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(Cover image royalty-free taken from unsplash Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash )


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