It’s the Little Things in Life That Count…

“Look on the bright side”

“Smile, it could be worse”

These are just some of the comments that come out of peoples mouth when they don’t understand the true storm of darkness and hopelessness depression or general low mood drags you into. Moods are hard to regulate, sometimes we feel so very happy but we do also have those extremely low and dark times.

By no means am I telling any of you to go travelling solo to ‘find yourself’ or meditate to the sound of whales. I am just simply listing certain ways that can make you enjoy the littlest things to give the motivation to carry on powering through life. I have included more solo activities in this list as not everyone has other people to hang out with or even talk to. Enjoy.

Throw Yourself into a New TV Series

When I’ve felt low previously I’ve gone and started watching random tv series from the start. When I was at my lowest a while ago, I threw my time into watching Grey’s Anatomy and loved it! It may sound silly but having a hanger at the end of each episode makes you excited to carry on watching, obvious purpose of a cliffhanger duh. But, it’s a fun thing to do and helps take your mind off of whatever’s going on.

Read a Book

Again, like I said with the tv series, reading a book invests your mind and time into another world and another story. If you want to throw yourself into a self-help book that’s fine, but I found what helped me more was reading more mystery or action genres as there was so much to follow my brain wasn’t swaying over to the negative thoughts I was having about real life in my head.

Start Walking Regularly

Find a safe route you enjoy walking, take the dog if you have one, put your headphones in and just keep walking. It’s obviously a source of exercise but it’ll be an activity for you to enjoy, it’ll help your mind too.

Go to the Places You Love Going

Whether that’s off to the seaside or just down the road, find a place you love to go and make time to visit and let the surroundings put you at ease. I have a whole list of places I love to go when I’m in a bad place.

Invest Time into Your Favourite Hobbies

For me I know my hobbies include listening to music, doing makeup and writing! Find something you like doing or are good at and keep working at it. Having the blog keeps me going as I get excited with all the stages that comes with it, planning, photography, editing, writing etc.


Get an exercise book, you can pick them up very cheap and just write away. Talk about what you did or what you ate, how you feel. It doesn’t matter what you write about in your journal because it’s only you that’ll see it. For me having a journal makes it so that every time something happens in my life I cannot wait to run home and note down every little detail. If you really get into journaling you can always go to Pinterest and diy your own book!

These are just a few of the things that give me some pleasure in life, everyone’s different. With any post regarding mental health, I would recommend you to either see your GP that could help you, or free phone the Samaritans on 116 123 they are there to listen to you, you do not have to be suicidal to call them either. All the best to you all! – Beth x

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4 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things in Life That Count…

  1. Great post, you made some fantastic suggestions, which am sure will benefit people. Mental health (and its many facets) can often be a difficult subject to broach, but your post has done it beautifully.

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  2. These are such great points! I’ve recently got back into reading, so I’m currently enjoying Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and The Secret Life of Bletchley Park. I’ve found that it has helped me feel like I’m doing more with my day when I’m feeling a little lost and not so productive.

    I’ve also recently started journalling to help feel calmer and not so stressed. I’m a huge worrier, over-thinker and I have thoughts constantly racing around my head, so I’ve found journalling helps me get everything out on to paper and make everything a little clearer x

    Amy x |

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    1. Yes! I threw myself into reading mainly series of books. The journallin​g does also help me to get everything out there when I feel like I cannot make sense of it in my head! Thank you for the love on this post,​ i really appreciate it x

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      1. I find when I read a book I get lost in the story and it gives me the escapism I need 💛 do you recommend any good book series? That’s okay sweet, it is a great post! x


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