I Passed: 1 Year On

This month marks 1 year since I passed my driving test! I wanted to talk to you about how it all went for me on the day, sit back and enjoy!

Rewind one year ago. I was sitting in the test centre with my instructor trying to calm me down, sweaty palms and heavy breathing. The panic was setting in, the possibilities racing around in my head from what the outcome of the day could be were endless.

Imagine if I passed! I would have the freedom to go wherever and whenever I wanted, Mcdonald’s drive-thru was one test away, imagine how proud everyone would be of me, I can do this! But then my best friend anxiety was telling my other ear that if I failed this test imagine how disappointed everyone would be, I’d have to carry on taking the bus which I hate, I can’t pass this.

I took my test with a very friendly lady at the test centre and she knew how nervous I was. I convinced myself that I was going to get so anxious I’d pass out at the wheel or make a fool of myself, again, that was anxiety talking.

The drive seemed a blur, I remember feeling the droplet of sweat on my forehead slowly drip down whilst I was trying to concentrate. When I arrived back at the centre I was told I had passed! My emotions were at an all-time high, all this doubt I’d had and I surpassed it and succeeded.

The first month after passing, I bought my car, paid the tax and insurance for it (which for a first-year driver under 21 without a black box is very expensive so beware) and off I went, driving here there and everywhere. Learning to drive is possibly the best thing I ever did and I cannot believe how quickly it’s flown by since my test.

I was extremely lucky as I passed both tests the first time around. If you’re currently preparing for a theory test or practical in the UK I would heavily suggest using the app Driving Theory Test by Focus Multimedia. It helped me so much and their bundle is only £4.99 on the App Store! I haven’t been paid to recommend this either, a quick disclaimer.

The reason why I made this post was obviously to mark the 1 year anniversary since passing but, I wanted to show you guys that if you put enough hard work into something, no matter how much your subconscious is telling you you’ll fail you can always prove it wrong!

Let me know your driving stories below, did you pass the first time? Any tips you swore by? Let the comments know! Take care – Beth x

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