MezmerEyez Contact Lens Review

Wearing coloured contact lenses for cosmetic purposes, It was a trend that took the internet by storm in 2016/2017 and I am finally getting inspired to follow it. As my Instagram mainly showcases eye looks, I wanted to get some cosmetic coloured lenses that could make certain eyeshadow shades really pop! So off I went onto google and searched ‘cheap UK coloured lenses’ and I clicked the first result. The website I purchased these lenses from is

They had an aesthetically appealing collection called the ‘London Collection’ and I chose a light brown shade called ‘Kensington Cream’ and a beautiful green called ‘Regents Green’.

Also, note free worldwide shipping is added automatically to your purchase and they took 2 days to arrive which I was really surprised by! One thing I will say is the images they display on their site do slightly differ and mostly rely on images from customers. But, keep in mind that images submitted by customers mean they may have used filters which of course adjust the true colours of the lens.

The application was hard with the first set of lenses I tried, but that is purely because I have never tried lenses before! When I tried the second pair, the application was super easy, everyone has a different method of application. Because I have hooded eyes it meant that I had to pinch the lens and pull down my lower lid to get it in there.

Kensington Cream


Regents Green


(left eye is my natural colour and the right is the lens)

Out of the 2, I preferred the Kensington cream but they came across a little more hazel on me. The green ones were nice but I felt like they didn’t suit me as much as the others did.

The removal was simple the second time around like mentioned in the application, the first time getting them out was super hard but practice makes perfect with these.

Overall, I am definitely buying more of these and I would advise yours too. I have sensitive eyes and the second time wearing them I had no soreness or discomfort which I was pleasantly surprised by, they advise not to wear them for longer than 8 hours. Due to being stuck at work with them in, I wore them for 10 hours and felt only the tad bit of dryness! Would 100% recommend.

(As in all my reviews, I have to state I have NOT been paid or even approached by this brand to make a review, I just wanted to tell you guys about how they perform if you’re curious to buying any)

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