Rainy Days

I was standing in my kitchen today, sipping a nice cup of tea, looking at the rain pouring down outside and I thought to myself about how nice it is staying inside when the weather is terrible. Alongside this main thought, others came about things I related to staying inside with like cosy PJ’S, the heating on, warm comfort food and endless films. In this post, I’m going to share what I think the best things are about rainy days…

Fondest memories of rainy days

Watching a Film

Getting into a warm bed, cuddling up and watching a film. Maybe a romance? maybe even a Disney classic? Even still, it’s nice just to relax.



Nothing I like to do more than put the kettle on and accompany a nice hot tea with a biscuit. If I’m feeling really snazzy I’ll probably have a cappuccino. Can’t forget some chocolate too!

Cleaning up

If I don’t feel like sitting in bed all day I’ll try and be as proactive as possible. Do the washing, make some dinner and tidy my room.


PJ’s are easily the best thing about spending a rainy day inside. Pair a top and bottoms with a nightgown plus some fluffy slippers and you’re all set.

Taking a Bath

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love to buy endless bath related products. Bath oils, bath bombs, scrubs, etc. There is truly nothing better than getting in a hot bath when it’s cold outside and sitting in the lather of your favourite bath bomb. My favourite bath product to use is without a doubt The Comforter from Lush! I love it!


When there’s nothing to do and I can’t go outside, I enjoy sitting inside reading a book whilst I listen to the rain pour.


Usually, when it’s been raining, my dogs will pollute the house with a scent of wet dog after they’ve been outside, beautiful, I know. So to drown out the smell and just generally relax I love lighting my candles. They’re not even expensive ones either, just big Asda value ones that burn for hours on end! I’ve been using wax melts recently in the scent of coffee and I am obsessed!


Comfort food

Soup, a full Sunday roast, spag bol. Everyone has staple comfort food they love to eat when it’s cold and dreary. Something warm and filling.

Bit of a random inspiration for a post, I know. But I hope you enjoyed, let me know below what are your favourite things about rainy days? Take care – Beth x

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