How to Deal with Failure

Failure, a word that is easily thrown around inside our minds. Some of us that have the tiniest slip-ups are so easy to label the mistake as a failure. Its a word that’s in place to describe something negative and we are so quick to use the negative words on ourselves.

So, when thinking of failure there are 2 ways to approach it in my opinion. The first one it’s looking at failure as one overall picture with no positives in mind, the other way to look at it is by accepting that you might have failed at something but you ran so far in the race before tripping up. Example: you didn’t win something, maybe it was a reward or a competition but the best way to look at this ‘failure’ is at least you were in the running/nominated.

There’s only another question that comes along with why we think we failed. And that is why? Pressure from peers, family and society is one I have personally witnessed to be the main source as to why we think we did badly at something in our life.

My personal example of family and social pressure is: I dropped out of uni after about 2 weeks. It was an environment I didn’t enjoy, the tutors were horrible, it was a place where my anxiety went overboard. When I dropped out I felt like I had failed at life because the majority of jobs I wanted didn’t allow me in without a journalism degree, I also felt like the failure of the family because all your family ever want for you is the best. For a while I felt as though I would be nothing because I didn’t have a degree, how I look at it now is that I have thrown myself into blogging which is of course is a form of journalism. A journalism degree is what I wanted but I am single-handedly opening up opportunities for myself with my writing, no degree and no £30,000 debt.

I feel like I’ve failed when I can’t post on my Instagram and blog because of work, when I haven’t stuck with a diet, when my views are not great and when I’ve had a little disagreement with a friend, etc. When this happens I break every worry and doubt, look at it from a logical perspective:

Failed Diets – At least I stuck to it and could do the impossible which was lose weight.

Not Posting –  The time away gives me more time to plan and become grounded again. It also let’s me know not to set stupidly high goals.

Low views – Try to make images and titles more appealing next time or adapt content more to audience preference. I now know what my audience likes and doesn’t like.

Relationships – I feel a massive pressure to get a boyfriend. I know some of you feel pressure to get married and have kids.

We all feel pressure, we all experience failure. so you are not alone and there’s no thought of ‘failure’ that’s too petty or too silly to let effect you. Here are some of my fellow bloggers telling me what makes them feel like they have failed.



When trying to deal with your setbacks, never forget how far you have come, we all make mistakes, some minor and some very life changing. Accepting it is the key and possibly the hardest part. Look at it from another perspective, this isn’t me telling you to lay around in happy dust, just try and not look at is at the be all and end all.

I hope this post can inspire and lift you up if you’re feeling like this. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this post. Also, I apologise for being absent, I have been working a lot and haven’t had time for blogging or Instagramming. Take care  – Beth x

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2 thoughts on “How to Deal with Failure

  1. Great post on dealing with failure, I know we all have it happen to us and I appreciate you sharing. Do you typically set goals for yourself. If so what’s a long term goal you have for blogging?

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