Digital Dating Disasters: Tinder Edition

Let’s set the scene for this post. So a few weeks ago I was out in town and I saw nothing but couples holding hands, kissing, hugging and I thought to myself, I want someone to be able to do those things with. I finally felt ready to get back on the horse and start dating again instead of waiting for people to come to me. So silly old me decided to sign up for Tinder…

At first, it was actually kind of nervewracking and I clearly went in with the wrong mindset by thinking everyone would be ‘normal’, mature and friendly. I’m not sure if installing this app was the best or worst decision I ever made. We are living in the digital age where all of your needs can be fulfilled by the click of a button, hungry? It’s a few clicks away for you. Need a new outfit? Stay inside and order it online. Want a boyfriend? Simply go to an app and it’ll do it all for you.

Chat up lines

I’ve been hit with some of the worst chat up lines ever. Nine times out of ten they are sexual chat up lines which are an immediate turn off if you want a sex free conversation. But, one of the best I ever heard was

“Do you work for the Royal Mail? Because I ‘ve seen you checking out my package

Touche my friend.

Men that don’t understand I want something serious

My bio states twice that I would like something serious but a lot of my matches don’t seem to understand what it means. I’m still asked daily for casual sex or a ‘no strings attached’ relationship. I could scream! It’s happened many times where we’ve been talking casually about our day etc and then all of a sudden it’s been a message saying how ‘horny’ they are or how they’d like to be in bed with me right now. Thank you, next.

The ones that only go so far

I could count on one hand how many ‘dates’ I’ve had planned and it’s ended up not happening. I’ve either been ghosted or bombarded with the familiar excuse of being very busy with work and having to overtime. Then they never talk to me again. Waste of buying a £30 outfit if you ask me.

Just pure freaks

Then a lot of people fall under the category of just being pure weirdos. They’ll ask for nudes, or for you to disclose disturbing things. The other day I had a guy tell me some really graphic things which I am not going to share but it made me feel kinda ill so I blocked him straight away. unfortunately, I’ve had about 7 accounts of people being extremely weird!

The Snapchat/Instagram nagger

You’ll know this one, there’s always the guys that consistently bug you for your snapchat.  Nine times out of ten, in my case they only ask because they think I’m gonna send nudes. No hun. Or they won’t match with you but they’ll head to your Instagram to come and bug you over there.

Dick pics

Do I have to say any more about this? Every girl knows about this one.

Looks like for now I’ll be staying single, it seems the hassle of the people on this app makes me kind of happy to be alone. Who knows what the future holds! The app has been somewhat terrible for me so far, but I know of many people who have long-term partners from the app. Everyone’s luck and experience is different.


If you do go on any online dates there are some safety practices. Let’s say if you’re in a bar with your date and feel uncomfortable you need to go to the bar and ask for someone called ‘Angela’. It’s the staff’s job to call you a cab and get you out of there discreetly and quickly. Live stream your location to a friend. This can be done via Whatsapp or your Snapchat, just so they know where you are at all times. Make sure to meet in a public place as well.

Also, I don’t want this post to come across as I hate men or they’re all like this, some of them are genuine sweethearts, just takes a while to find them.

Tell me your best or worst online dating experiences below, maybe that tinder date is now your partner? Maybe you’re still single? Let me know!

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