Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – Blogmas day 3

Buying gifts to give to the people that matter the most is extremely difficult, you don’t want to buy them things that they’re gonna give away or won’t like. So, I have made a unisex gift guide so it’s just that little bit easier to find the perfect gift for the perfect person. Please note that I am working with some smaller indie brands and some well known ones. I want to support all of these buisnesses as much as I can. Enjoy!

Bathing & skincare

Bomb Cosmetics Unbearably Cool Gift Pack

I have previously used products from this company before, great quality, super affordable and the product designs are out of this world! This gift set includes 1 soap, 2 bath bombs and 2 moisturising bath creamers. The designs on these are so cute!

Bath Humbug Gift Set

So they have a huge gift set for the man in your life that loves to bathe, the gift set comes with 7 bath blasters which all have different scents. You can’t go wrong. Once again, the designs on the products are adorable!


(£19.99, Bombcosmetics)

DeathwishCo Clothing

My friends over at deathwish have the best apparel out there, I’d consider this company good friends of mine, they support all my work and I’m very grateful! They have a great range of tees, check them out! also they haven’t asked me/paid me to mention them, I just want to because they have products I genuinely use.

Panther tee

This is one of my favourite designs by them, features the logo of course and it comes in 4 different sizes. The material is nice and comfy, not restricting at all.


(£20, deathwishco)

Rose cap

Such a beautiful design, the two colours are perfect and this clothing item is completely unisex.

(£25, deathwishco)

Loose Ends Black Tee

Another t-shirt with a beautiful graphic design on the left pocket. The design is simple but not too in your face, the shirt also comes in 4 sizes and a black colour.

Loose ends Black

(£20, deathwishco)


Nottingham Candle Co Chocolate Orange candle

I want to support my local businesses so I am bringing you some product from a company who put effort into their products and finishes them off with beautiful touches! All candles are made from soy wax which guarantees a longer burn time.


(£8, Etsy)

NottinghamCandleCo Candy Floss Candy

This candle is absolutely adorable! The scent is also to die for and the finishing touches on the design are so stunning. Ideal for the woman in your life or the girl that loves anything sweet and pink.


(£8, etsy)

Bomb Cosmetics Silent Night Candle

A vegan candle with essential oils of ginger & Amyris, decorated like a beautiful Christmas gift. Would make a great stocking filler or perfect for that person that’s obsessed with candles.

(£8.99, Bombcosmetics)


Banter cards range

This is by a brand I’ve purchased from before, I bought my mum and friend some old c**t cards/balloons which they loved. The companies hilariously offensive taglines are not for those who can’t take a joke. But I genuinely think they’re brilliant!

Banter Cards Trying To Be F**cking Organised 2019 Diary

Perfect for the person you know who likes to stay organised, is forgetful or always has a crammed 9-5 job.

(£14, bantercards)

Banter Cards Absolute Life Lover Pen

Pair your diary with a pen, they come with a variety of taglines. This one is the most PG. If you’re wanting one that’s less PG or more offensive, click the link and check their site.

(£3.50, Bantercards)

If you’re not precisely sure what to buy someone there are always gift cards! If they like makeup then a boot’s gift card or if they like going out to eat there’s also Nandos cards. You can’t go wrong.

(Disclaimer: NO brand has asked me to mention their products, they’re either ones that I have used or have heard good things about)I hope you’re all enjoying blogmas so far, it’s a lot of commitment but I want to bring some good content this December! Check out my social media links below. Take care – Beth x

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(image credit: I reached out to these brands and asked if I could use their images: ,

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