Christmas Candle Haul – Blogmas Day 13

I can’t help but despise the smell of cinnamon, gingerbread and winter spiced anything! So sometimes finding Christmas candles that I actually like the smell of is a lot of trial and error. I’ve gone and bought quite a few which I wanna show to all of you, only one is cinnamon scented which I can live with.

Firstly I went to Cardzone in Nottingham City Centre and bought 5 Yankee Candle votives for £5!


  • Snowflake Cookie – Sweet scent with hints of a biscuity undertone.
  • All Is Bright – Smells very musky with some fruity/citrus smell.
  • Icy Blue Spruce – Smells like Christmas trees and spearmint. Refreshing!
  • Winter Wonder – Quite a sweet scent of citrus and vanilla.
  • Red Rasberry – Rasberry scented of course! I know it’s not festive but love the smell.

Then I ordered some wax melts from Scent Circus (they have good products but customer service is not the best, buy at own risk).


  • Treats For Santa – Cocoa and milk scented.
  • Away in a Manager – Fir scented.
  • Dachshund Through The Snow – Satsuma scented.
  • Robin Around The Christmas Tree – Apple and raspberry scented.

Who doesn’t love candles? Which is your favourite Christmas scent? Let me know below! Also, I hope you’re enjoying blogmas. Take care – Beth x

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