Winter Skin Care Routine – Blogmas Day 14

My skin type naturally oily and dry. When it’s humid outside I’ll bring out the matte primers, setting sprays and clay masks. But when it comes to the winter time all of those get pushed to the back of the drawer as I’m gonna need some moisture.



I have two go-to moisturisers currently:

  • E45 – This cream is the go-to for when my skin dries, cracks and becomes sore. The cream is formulated for sores and dryness with no fragrance so it’s loving to your skin without any heavy fragrance.
  • Superdrug Nourishing Gel Moisturiser – This cream is packed full of vitamin C! I love it because it makes my skin look bright and bouncy


I will exfoliate rarely in the winter time, just to get rid of the dead dry skin but of course, I don’t overdo it because it can break my skin open. Which we don’t want because it stings!


All my matte foundations get pushed away to the back of the drawer and I sway more towards dewy foundations as matte will stick to my dry patches. The dewy ones also make me look more glowy which is a go-to at Christmas time. If you still want something oil battling then go for a demi-matte foundation so you have the combo of dewy and matte. The Colourpop foundation is a great one for me to use because it’s a bit of both and doesn’t cling to my dry areas!

Face Masks

Two words, sheet masks. The ones by Simple are great! Unfortunately, I can’t use the Garnier ones as they break me out. But these sheet masks hold so much moisture that my face is very grateful of and I’m glowing afterwards.

Spot Treatments

I cannot avoid using my spot treatments, but the con to them is the salicylic acid. The acid dries the hell out of my skin so I will either let spots reduce on their own depending on size or I will only dot on the treatment to the spots that need it. I use an anti-blemish solution from Clinique, would recommend to all of you breakout/acne sufferers.

Makeup Remover

Using my normal product to remove makeup would be Garnier’s Micellar Water, but this strips the oils and moisture which I don’t need in the winter time. so instead I will either use Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm or YourGoodSkin Hot Cloth Cleanser. Both of these products completely strip the makeup from my face but also restore some moisturising goodness.

Tell me below your winter skincare tips and tricks! 2 weeks into Blogmas, counting down until the big day! Take Care – Beth x

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