The Best and Worst Makeup Products of 2018 – Blogmas Day 20

2018, where did it actually go? Writing this I am genuinely trying to think about how fast this year has gone. We have been blessed and cursed with many things this year but let’s apply that to makeup. I have found some diamonds of products and some utter trash. Most of them are 2018 releases but just note that some of them may have been released a while ago but I only just got round to trying them in 2018. Enjoy! Let me know below if you love or hate any of these products I’ll be talking about.


BH Cosmetics Pro HD Pomade

This pomade is amazing! I was using the benefit kabrow for a while in medium but it just wasn’t warm enough to match my auburn hair colour.

Givenchy Mascara Noir Couture

Think I’ve spoken about this somewhere on my blog before too but it’s definitely one of the best mascaras I’ve used this year! My lashes look false but in a good way.

W7 On The Rocks Palette

I wont stop wittering on about how much I love this palette! I have said previously that my expectations were genuinely exceeded with this. I have just made my sister buy one, I love it! And the brush the include is actually one of my faves, it’s a nice fluffy one, not a pad applicator.

Obsession Keep It Peachy Palette

This year has been the first time I have ever tried anything from Obsession. I was expecting cheap quality if I’m honest because I had never heard of them before. All three products I’ve tried have easily become my staples, the blushers come in beautiful peach shades that fit my skin tone perfect.

Laura Geller Life Glows On Highlighting Palette

I purchased this at the Debenhams event I blogged about, I wasn’t going to buy it at first because two shades are iridescent but I am so glad I did. It’s one the first highlight I’ll reach for, I’ve loved using the golden shade for all my Xmas looks. It was £22 with 15% when I bought it but the RRP isn’t bad at all!



NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Absolutely awful! As soon as it goes onto the skin, it dries, it clings to everything you don’t want it to aswell. I was so upset when I tried this because it was so hyped and everyone said how amazing it was. I have had about 5 attempts of applying this with a base/no base, brush and sponge. Nothing works. Waste of £15 which can I mention is kind of expensive for NYX.


Revolution Conceal & Define foundation

I actually did a review on this and I was so blown away by it! That’s until I noticed some wear and tear on the skin about 10 mins after application. It sank into every fine line I had, don’t even get me started on how it looked on my pores. Every single pore on my face was exaggerated! My skin reacted with it too, when it would be on it would itch like mad and would feel so oily. Don’t waste your money, seriously.

Lottie London Glitter Switch Lipstick

I wanted a cheaper alternative to the Ciate Glitter Flip so I bought one of these and my god, never again. I put it on once and then threw it away! Total waste of money and I was so disappointed. Crusty isn’t the word, my lips felt like the Sahara and every time I talked crumbles fell from my lips. Absolute rubbish.

Revolution Bake & Finish Powder

Hello flashback is how I’ll start this off with. It’s one of the worst I’ve ever used, like pure chalk going on my skin. It’s super dry and doesn’t move when I wipe my bake away. I tried baking for shorter periods but it still wasn’t working.

NYX Ultimate Brights Palette

Some shades are stunning don’t get me wrong, my favourite yellow shadow of all time is Butterscotch by NYX, but this palette is a weird one. Some shades are weak shimmers, and I mean weak. Then there are shimmer/mattes and then pure mattes. They’re hard to blend, difficult to layer and appear muddy. I’ll attempt to use it again with a p Louise base when it arrives but overall unimpressed.

Tell me what your best and worst products of 2018 are below! 5 days left, I can’t believe how quickly this is all going. Take care and have a safe holiday – Beth x

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6 thoughts on “The Best and Worst Makeup Products of 2018 – Blogmas Day 20

    1. Oh yeah! I love the concealer! I frequently use it as an eyeshadow base too, the foundation was a mess for me. Just sank into every pore I had whereas the concealer doesn’t?:/ doesn’t really make sense to say it’s the “same” formula x


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