My Favourite Bloggers of 2018 – Blogmas Day 21

2018 was the start of my blog, in the past six months I have created and consumed a lot of content. I want to show you the bloggers that have become favourites of mine! Please note that when I say these people are my favourite bloggers, that doesn’t mean all the others I don’t mention are terrible. I am shortlisting the people who’s content tailors towards my tastes and interests!

Geraldine Talks

Geraldine is a US-based lifestyle blogger who I have connected with around 2/3 months ago. Her blog set up is very stylish and organised, she makes content mainly about lifestyle but I do love her gaming bits too, I have really been enjoying it. I won’t forget to mention that Geraldine is very supportive of other bloggers in the community! Her links:




Tracy over at bloggerbythesea is a British food and lifestyle blogger. Honestly, some of the things she makes are mouthwatering and all of her recipes aren’t rocket science, they’re easy to follow. She’s got a beautiful alternative to Xmas pud too this year which is a chocolate Orange Trifle, how amazing does that sound? Again, she’s been very supportive of my work. Her links:




Amy is a lifestyle blogger who is currently doing blogmas like me. She has been very supportive and we plan to meet next year at some point as we are both Nottingham based! Her content is always quite fresh, never boring. Her links:




Courtney is a mental health blogger who has become a close friend of mine, she talks about real struggles with multiple things mental health related! I am very grateful to have found her. Her links:



Stephanie is a beauty and lifestyle blogger, I originally found her via an emetophobia post she did and related to it a lot and even reached out to her to say how it touched me. I didn’t feel so alone. She does also have a YouTube where she speaks about makeup and vlogs. Really enjoy her content!

Blog –


Like I said at the start of my post, everyone has a different taste in content, some people might love my content and some might not. No problem at all! Have a safe Christmas, take care – Beth x

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One thought on “My Favourite Bloggers of 2018 – Blogmas Day 21

  1. Aww thank you so much Beth!!! ❤️😄😊 I’m so happy I made your list of favorite bloggers! I actually haven’t heard of any of the other bloggers you listed except Stephanie but I’ll definitely check them out now!! 🤩


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