Christmas Eve – Blogmas Day 24

day 244444.jpg

24 days in and we have landed on Christmas Eve. My plans for today are to work for a couple of hours and add the finishing touches to everything. I’ll be going through everything with a checklist today so a checklist of presents I’ve got and wrapped, food that’s been prepped, room tidied and fully decorated and everything is in order for tomorrow.

Once everything is prepared, it’ll be time to wind down, eat some food and chill out watching Christmas specials!

This will only be a short post, but I will be away for a week or so after today’s post has gone live, blogmas has definitely taken it out of me. It’s been a whole lot of work and commitment, I only decided to do blogmas in late November which I guess what a little bit silly. I had everything scheduled for the whole first week of December and then about 7 posts had to be scrapped because I couldn’t find a way of posting them without the original images which of course can be a copyright issue.

But, I think I am going to sound off here. I want to say a massive thank you to each and every single one of you that have read my blogmas posts, that’s supported my Instagram photos and that has just been a friend to me/helping me in the blogging community. Let’s make 2019 incredible!

Have a fantastic Christmas wherever you are, if you don’t celebrate it then just enjoy whatever it is you’re doing and once again, thank you for 2018 All the love – Beth x

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