My Highlighter Collection

Highlighter took the world by storm a few years back, the cosmetic industry in the UK alone comes in at just under £1billion and through research, it claims that highlights and blushers make up around £52million worth. Everyone wants that glow, who doesn’t? It helps bring your skin to life, and just like my eyeshadow palettes, I love collecting highlighters too. Enjoy this post on My Highlighter Collection.


Becca Cosmetics Highlight in Moonstone

Becca is up there with the best brands for highlighters. This one is just beautiful, it melts into the skin and matches a pale skin tone perfectly.


Colourpop super Shock Cheek Pearlized Highlight in Flexitarian

This highlight is blinding but the formula is a tad bit weird. When you press your finger into the pan of this one the powder moulds around your finger and feels almost like a wet cream. It’s very hard to pick it up on the brush so i don’t reach for it as much.


George ASDA Highlight in Champagne

This is one i use more or less everyday, for £5 it’s an absolute steal leaving a beautiful champagne tint on the high point of the cheeks. Such a creamy formula too even though it’s a powder, it blends like a dream.

The Balm Manizer sisters palette

I always reach for Mary Lou, again the formula melts into my skin and it’s buildable so it’s perfect for you if you want a subtle glow or a blinding glow.

Jouer Highlighter in Ice

Perfect for fair skinned people like me, creamy formula that can be built up.


Hopefully this post was glowing for you! If anyone has any more questions about the products i mentioned don’t be afraid to ask me! Take care – Beth x






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