Shane X Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette Review


If you have not been on the internet you wouldn’t know about the two Youtubers taking the beauty world by storm. Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have graced us with a 6 part (so far) series showing us the ups and downs of the beauty world whilst also showing us the entire process of creating a makeup product.

It got to November 1st and I was ready to get whatever was left. My browser was loaded up on beauty bay’s website and my purse was ready to be rinsed. That was until… we crashed ALL the sites. I started to panic, I wanted to be a part of the final step of this makeup journey, I wanted to be able to hold the palette in my hands and say ‘yeah, I was a part of this’. In a panic, I went over to Beautylish and managed to pick up a lipstick in the shade ‘Are You Filming’ and the Conspiracy Palette. Six days after the launch I went into the Morphe store in town and managed to pick up Jeffree, what the f***’liquid lipstick also. 

It has been absolutely incredible to go on this journey with Shane and Jeffree. They even said their selves that they were the first ones to show the whole process of how the palette and whole collection was made from drawing board to finished product. Unless you have lived under a rock you wouldn’t know that launch day went INCREDIBLY well, all units of the collection was totally SOLD OUT. 

From Jeffree’s Instagram story updates he did mention about February or March next year, the collection would be completely restocked as of course makeup takes a long time to produce. I hope you managed to get your hands on any item you could from the launch. As I just mentioned, don’t be disheartened as more products will launch. 

BEFORE you read this review any further, I just wanted to plug my Instagram where you can see all the looks I created with this palette. Follow me here.



Let’s start with the pigment, the pigment is there in this palette and if I’m totally honest I don’t realize a difference in the formulas. It’s consistent which is key to making your customers reoccurring ones. A lot of people kicked off on social media about how they advise certain shades to not be used in the immediate eye area but the reason for that warning was because they stain. 

Pigment and Trisha stain like mad! Although they are such beautiful shades it’s something to be wary about, don’t apply the shadows on your hen party night and then have a wedding the day after because you will look like you have a very bad case of hay fever.

Heres the matte shades


The shimmers




I found blending easily with these as always, the only thing I’ll pick up on is Not A Fact was a little bit dryer of formula and tended to patch slightly. Unfortunately, the shade was moderately hard to blend but going back in with the lighter transition shade helped out with the blending process overall. Also the shade ‘My Ride’s Here is honestly somewhat of a disastrous black. It blends out into nothing and I’m shocked because the black shade in the Alien Palette is fantastic! So it’s unfortunate that two of the matte shades aren’t up there with previous palettes. What I will say is the neutral shades like Tanacon and Diet Root Beer blend just like butter.

Is it worth the money?

I would say I was quite shocked when I saw the price point for the palette £48 ($52) as I thought it was quite a decent price for such a highly anticipated collection. I’d say if you were going to buy this for you or someone you know it would be ideal for a makeup lover who likes a pop of colour or who loves makeup and is a huge fan of theirs. Personally, I think there are some negative bits about this palette and I have found two issues with two shades but that’s it out of the whole 18 shades so if you choose to make the purchase, up to you!


The formula is still incredible for the liquid lips and I’m honestly obsessed with the ones I have from the collection. Would 100%, without a doubt recommend you pick up some lipsticks. I have Are You Filming and Jeffree, What The F***.

I really hope you’re all doing well, I have recently been looking after myself as I haven’t been all that great but I am getting back into blogging and have something special coming for December. Hope you enjoy this review. Take care – Beth x





Disclaimer: as there are people who are paid to do reviews or are scared to get any backlash from the brand mention, reviews sometimes get sugar-coated. I want to tell you right here, right now I would NEVER lie in a review and have not been paid by any of jfc’s or Shane’s team. All of these opinions expressed are entirely my own.


6 thoughts on “Shane X Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette Review

    1. Thank you hun 💖 yeah I love jeffree but I had to be honest about staining and some shades lacking abit of pigment. I went to my local morphe store and there was still loads of the collection left which I was so shocked about! But when they come back out I’d recommend the lippies!x


  1. Thanks for the warning~~ I love the colour story and the press patterns. The packaging is really not for me though.

    Shawn is into makeup? I thought he’s comedian. Anyways, it is hard to keep up with youtuber news.


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