MISSING: Find Poppy Jukes

A 4 year old terrier vanished on the from a small village in Nottingham called Keyworth on the 15th of December 2019. At first it was believed she went missing but as time has gone on we are to think that she has been stolen.

There is a reward for anybody who finds her. She is mostly black with a white snout and grey wisps all over, white toes a white-tipped tail. IF you know anything, anything at all please call Jo-Anne Jukes (poppy’s owner) on 07949086779. If you think you have sighted this dog, please inform someone about the location. Also if you happen to find her, take her to somewhere safe and inform someone ASAP.

People are advised to shout her around the village she disappeared from to see if she has gone and hidden anywhere, check outhouses, sheds and other small hiding spots. Poppy has a phone number and address on her green collar which has a silver metal bone ID disc. Please just help BRING HOME POPPY! I have spoken to her owner and of course her and the family are distraught, do what you can, share or donate to the just giving page, every little thing you do counts.

If you see anything and can’t get in touch with the owner for any instance then please report it to any of these numbers that surround the Nottinghamshire area.

Telephone numbers and links:

Link to crowdfunding –BRINGHOMEPOPPY




I know this post is a little different to my usual. I just really want this little angel to be reunited with her family. I couldn’t imagine the pain the family are currently going through. All you have to do is share and retweet, it is done in seconds and is free! Posts will be back to normal before new year. Take care guys – Beth x




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